(Or the Top 12 Things to Look For in a Partner)

When you’re searching for a provider to accommodate your needs for a project that’s close to your heart, not only is it important to do your research, but it’s equally important to meet with the provider for an initial consultation to ensure that the company will offer you a transparent and truthfully represented scope of work without any hidden add-ons. You also want to look for consistency and expertise. If their skills are limited and you get the impression that there might be too many hands in the pot (so to speak), you might be left with a final product that looks sloppy and encompasses many different skill levels and techniques. 

Of course, we’ve been speaking on general terms up to this point. This is advice you can take to the bank, regardless which type of service you’re in the market for! But when your photography project needs to be a reflection of you and you don’t have time to waste on game-playing providers, then you should be looking for a comprehensive, one-stop shop for all of your needs. That’s why we’re here. Take a look at what we offer, and why we think it’s so important to provide an all-inclusive experience:

1.      Excellence in Photography

It’s no secret that MTI’s specialty is wedding photography. Brides and grooms-to-be have enough to worry about when planning their special day without having to be concerned that they’ve hired a great photographer or, more importantly, a trusted partner. We know that photography is only one tiny slice of the pie when it comes to your planning, and we want to simplify your experience as much as possible. This is why our prime photographers have dedicated years to their craft, specializing in capturing those special, once-in-a-lifetime moments from your wedding day. With the latest equipment, skills and dedication, our commitment to you is clear. When you work with MTI, you can be sure that the quality, creativity, and consistency of your images will far exceed your expectations.

2.      2nd Shooter

Thankfully, business is booming and that means there’s not enough time for one lead photographer to shoot all the weddings (as much as he would love to!) When you’re searching for the perfect wedding photographer, look for a company without an ego. If a company only has one lead shooter who insists on doing all the jobs his or herself even though they barely have time to manage their business (or sleep), a red flag should go up. You want to work with a company who takes the time to develop the people around them, who knows how to scout and mold great talent, and who can assure you with 100% certainty that you’ll be just as satisfied with the work of any of their team members as with that of the prime shooter himself. At MTI, we take the position of 2nd Shooter very seriously. It by no means signifies a less-skilled photographer — as a matter of fact, it means that we’re willing to move over and showcase premier talent and give credit where credit is due. And we’re thankful to be in the position to have to offer more talent.

3.      Assistants

Most clients don't realize that a photography team is much larger than just the people who shoot the photos. There's an entire behind-the-scenes operation that goes along with your finished product, as well as on-site extensions of your camera-toting creators. A company is only as good as its crew, and the whole team at MTI agrees on one thing: it’s your day, and we need to deliver the best possible experience and service. That’s why you won’t see the photographer(s) at your wedding letting precious moments pass by while fiddling with their equipment. Every assistant on our team is trained in using all the latest gear, and we make sure to have enough hands on deck to allow for a smooth and seamless experience. Our assistants are an extension of our photographers, making them even more productive and capable of capturing endless images without a hiccup.

4.      Photo Booth Services

Your wedding should be fun, and your guests want to be a part of the memories too! This is why MTI offers photo booth services to rev up the participation. Not all images can be pro and classic — some have to be silly and whimsical. Our photographers will capture the fun moments, too, but your guests want the perfect takeaway, and what better way to give them that than by to have a photo booth so they can walk away with the instant gratification of a film strip memory? We price our photo booth services right into our wedding photography packages so there’s no hidden fees or over-the-top charges. You’ll love the added entertainment it provides to your guests, and maybe you’ll even end up with a couple of fun, wallet-worthy shots for yourselves!

5.      Albums and Prints

When memories need to last a lifetime, albums and prints are the deliverables that really set your photographer apart from the rest. MTI handles all of its own developing and printing at an inclusive price that’s factored into your contract. Whether you want a flush-mount album to proudly display in your home for your guests to flip through, or just prints to make your own album or frame on your wall — choosing a trusted partner will make all the difference in how you relive your special day. If you want to freeze your romantic moments and make them last forever, choose a partner who will show you examples of albums and prints so that you can see, touch and feel their style and know whether or not they’re right for you. You only get one chance to get it right!

6.      Videography

When photos just aren’t good enough, choose a company that also offers video services to make sure even those candid moments are caught on camera! Don’t rely on grainy videos from guests' cell phones to replay those heartfelt speeches, comedic toasts, and sweet first dances. Here at MTI we have a team specifically dedicated to videography and video editing, so you know the attention to detail is unsurpassed. When you hire a diverse team of skilled artists who are passionate about their craft, you really can’t go wrong!

7.      Editing

Many photographers will provide you with raw originals and then charge a premium for retouched final images, making you choose a selection usually limited by your budget. Companies like this will make it seem like they’re doing you a favor by giving you a discount when you choose a package that contains a large quantity of images but, truth be told, their time and work are factored in. This can happen when photographers aren’t skilled at editing (or don’t have the time to devote to it). Photo editing is a crucial part of making sure that your timeless images are perfect and not just delivered to you right off the film roll. That’s why we believe in having an editing department and not charging additional fees for editing your final pictures. And, we’ll give you all of your images, not just the edited ones, so that you have the freedom to relive your whole day and not just the part you paid to have perfected.

8.      Graphic Design and Web Development Services

Web services are something you won’t usually see offered by a photography company, but it’s just another facet of our multi-level approach. With an extensive background and career in graphic design and web development, Andrew Ludewig (Owner and Founder) understands all aspects of creatively rendering your memories — including what will ‘pop’ on your own website or social media page. When it comes to trusting someone with your vision, having a consultation with Andrew is like having someone illustrate your thoughts before you’ve even verbalized them.

9.      Flexibility

Few things are more important than flexibility when it comes to planning a wedding.  Things come up, and we get that. That’s why we have an entire team dedicated to accommodating your planning needs to turn your dream into a reality. From scheduling conflicts to location changes, MTI will work with you to get the job done the way you want. Contracts can be amended and services can be added, enhanced, or altered to fit your needs. You’re never ‘stuck’ when you choose to partner with us. And, because we treat every couple like they’re our friends, you’ll find that we’re more concerned with you being happy than sticking to our script. We believe that’s the way it should be.

10. Fair Pricing

Ahh, the ever-elusive claim to “fair pricing.” Isn’t this one of those blanket terms you see thrown around everywhere, from used car lots to organic grocery stores? Well, in the wedding photography marketplace, we mean it, and we invite you to compare us to other providers and see if you get the same level of skill and service for the price. At MTI, we discount services that we could (and probably should) charge a premium for, because we know that photography is just one of your many wedding-day expenses. We aim to provide an upscale, top-shelf experience for the ordinary couple. Whether you’re budget-conscious or big spenders, you won’t find any outrageous hidden fees in our pricing, and it’s all laid out in your contract so you understand exactly what you’re paying for, line by line.

 11. Quality and Diversity

It’s not enough to say a company has several highly trained team members if they all come from the same background. Lucky for us, that’s not the case! At MTI we’re so proud of our team that we’re 100% transparent about who they are and where they come from. You can check out our team page to see exactly what motivates each and every one of our unique employees. From the artistic to the technical, to the down-to-earth approach, we pride ourselves on bringing many different styles and types of expertise to your fingertips, and we guarantee you’ll love and relate to any (or every) one of our special team members!

12. Excellent Customer Service

Under-sell and over-deliver: that’s been our mission since day one. And we’ve upheld that standard for as long as we’ve been around. Thanks to our satisfied customers, our biggest source of business is word-of-mouth referrals, and that means we must be doing something right. When your wedding is over, the relationship with us isn’t. We follow up to let you know what to expect next, and when to expect it. We bend over backwards to make sure you’re over-the-moon in love with all of your final deliverables. And, we make sure you feel like you’ve made a friend in the process. We’re honored to be part of your special day, and privileged that you chose us to document it. That’s why exceptional customer service is the pinnacle of our business. Without it, we would be just be another bunch of people taking pictures.

The benefits of choosing a trusted partner are endless, and with MTI, they’re affordable.  
We’re different.  We’re special. 
We’re your one-stop photography shop. 
And we’re here to Make Timeless Images for you.