At MTI Photography, we understand that your precious memories are once in a lifetime, and they must be well taken care of long after the wedding or event. Your investment into our video and photography services should be protected. For that reason, we now offer a four-tiered Quad-Protection service that goes above and beyond what is offered by many photography companies. We believe that this inclusive service distinguishes us as an exceptional provider. All packages, regardless of price or discounts, now include this level of protection for your special memories: because MTI Photography cares about making your timeless images last forever. 

Types of Redundant Protection

1) Disks

MTI Photography happily offers a disk of digital negatives to every client, regardless of project size. We restrict rights or reduce the quality of your images. You own them, you trusted us to capture them for you when you made the investment in our services, and they should be yours forever, period. We can also provide a back-up on a Blu-ray disc and store the RAW files off-site on a protected server. We adhere to this process in order to offer multiple degrees of protection for your memories: in the event of a fire, hardware failure, theft, or other disaster, your images are protected. 

2) Cloud

MTI uses an online gallery service to which we upload only the highest quality JPEGs post-processing. By using the cloud service we feel that everyone in the family can enjoy the photos no matter where they are, and the clouds adds another layer of instant back-up too.

3) File Server

To manage our data, we utilize only the latest hardware and software. Our data server is one of the best products on the market today for ultimate file preservation. We use a Redundant Array of Independent Disks (RAID) configuration, to help combat potential disk failure. If ever one hard drive disk fails, your precious photos aren't lost.

4) Off-Site Backups

Our files are constantly uploaded to an off-site secure storage array, which holds all the RAW files, Hi-Res JPEGs, and edited videos. We don't want to take any chances with your investment, so this is just one more way we protect your precious memories. 

We've all felt the pain of a computer crashing and losing months or years' worth of work. Having something like that happen in the professional world is strictly unacceptable, at least to us it is. One thing is for sure: quality photos are what you want, but the memories need to last way beyond the day they occurred, and you should always have access to them in more than one format, no matter how long ago they were captured. Let us immortalize and protect the highlights of your life. For recommendations on storage products and processes, complete our contact form to get in touch. We're here to help you in any way we can.