Why I Chose Photography

We can all relate to photography, regardless of how little we may know about the intricacies of it. Photography captures emotion, character, and beauty, as well as pain. It freezes a moment in time for as long as that image exists. It can be used as a tool for teaching, as well as for menace, but it always remains a powerful means of storytelling. For years, photography has helped us remember the most important moments of our lives, from our births to our deaths.

Discovering the Power of Photographs

Growing up, I never had access to a great camera, but I took as many photos as possible with any camera I could get my hands on. When I was younger, I obviously didn’t know what good composition or quality of light meant. I didn’t know anything about aperture or exactly what a shutter accomplished, but from the very beginning I knew what a camera created. A camera can freeze a moment in time that you can’t get back. Cameras help people remember, treasure, and reflect on those special moments that seem to disappear in a flash. That ability to capture the moment is what drew me to photography.

The Journey Develops...

I started out shooting with 35mm and 110mm film, as I’m sure many of you did. As my photography skills increased, I grew to appreciate how film worked and what went into capturing amazing images. I was addicted to buying film and taking as many photos as possible, and then mailing off the film to get it developed. Waiting to get the prints back and seeing how they turned out was fun. It’s a joy that for many is now lost, due to the emergence of digital cameras.

I can recall the first time I ever picked up a digital camera and how it changed the way I learned photography. It gave me a better understanding of how cameras work and made it easier to capture better images. No more waiting for a roll of film to be developed and guessing if a photo came out right. Digital cameras are kind of like painting with acrylic paints — they allow you to make mistakes with little risk, you see instant results, and you can quickly “fix” your mistakes by re-taking the image or adjusting the settings (much like you can paint right over a mistake with acrylics without having to wait days for it to dry or worry about the loss of money in ruined expensive paint). With this new tool, I embarked upon a mission to become well versed in digital photography.

...Into a Craft

Over the next several years, I did a lot of research and studying, and I fell more in love with photography as I continued to perfect my craft. As a matter of fact, I was so enamored with creating and re-creating real and meaningful art from people’s real-life experiences, I decided to pursue my passion by building my own photography business. Launching such an endeavor never really scared me because of the love I had for the business. It did require a lot of sacrifice and dedication, but overall it came naturally and was well worth the hard work.

Evolution of the Artist

I adore photography and the many different expressions one can capture with it. It has so many forms and unique ways to evoke feelings. While the business of photography is very challenging, it’s the challenge that drives me to continue improving. I never settle for the status quo or become complacent and stop learning. A professional once told me, “You’re not a true professional if you think you know it all; you must continue to learn and keep moving your skills forward.” I really believe that’s why I love photography so much — because I get to make timeless images with the clients and people I meet, while remaining consistently devoted to evolving as an artist and gaining that deep fulfillment of living out my dream.