Photography: Basics, Business, and Best Practices


Photography: Basics, Business, and Best Practices

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Whether you’re a beginner, advanced enthusiast, or a professional ready to start your business, this book will help you fundamentally understand more about photography and starting out in the photography business. This book dives into my personal journey as a photographer and business owner, as well as covering some technical information about photography equipment and use.  

Here are just some of the important topics discussed:

  • Camera settings
  • Types of sensors
  • Crop and full frame lenses
  • Lighting
  • Accessories
  • Business startup
  • Business practices

Expand your knowledge of camera settings, equipment, and the fundamentals of starting a business with photography. Photography: Basics, Business, and Best Practices is designed to further what you already know and help you become a better photography, regardless of whether you intend it to be for a hobby or professional use. 

Andrew Ludewig is a graphic designer and self-taught web developer. With a strong technical background in electronics, specifically photography equipment, he understands not only how to use the products, but how they actually work. Andrew has been shooting for the past 10 years, and founded MTI Photography in 2013.

Soft back book with full color illustrations, infographics and additional photography. More info packed into this print version than the e-book.  

ISBN: 9780997212716   |   First Edition   |   ©2016 Andrew Ludewig