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Here at MTI Photography, we love to capture the precious memories of your special day, read a beautiful love story below and watch their highlight of their special day.

Catrina + Aaron's Love Story...

Catrina and Aaron met in their first year at college while living in the same dorm, but on different floors. They started dating and then nothing could keep them apart. After college they had to continue their relationship long distance while they attended different graduate schools and  worked in separate states.  Their lives took a big step forward when they moved in together in Philadelphia.  Aaron made their lifetime of love complete by popping the question in the same park where they had spent a day together after first meeting.  This symbolized the full circle of their relationship, from college through adulthood.  Aaron said that Catrina couldn't have looked more beautiful as she walked down the aisle towards Aaron.  Catrina said that she was thrilled to finally marry her best friend. The team at MTI Photography loved documenting their love story on their wedding day. See the MTI difference!