Quad-Protection Service

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Your investment into our video and photography services should be protected.  Don't assume other companies will treat you the same way.  At MTI Photography, we understand that these precious memories are once in a life time, and they must have the same care taken after the wedding or event.  We now offer a four tiered or Quad-Protection service.  This protection goes way beyond what most photography companies have, and we believe that this inclusive service, is the difference between good and great service.  All packages, regardless of price or discounts, now include this level of protection for your memories. 

1) Disks

  • We offer a disk of digital negatives for every client.  We never hold back rights or down res your images.  You own them, you made the investment, they are yours forever. Period.  We also will make a back up on a blu-ray disk for our RAW files, and store them off site in another location.  We believe this process will protect your images even further in case of a fire or hardware failure. 

2) Cloud

  • We decided to use an online gallery service and only upload the highest quality JPEG's after they have been processed.  Using the cloud service, we feel everyone in the family can enjoy the photos, and they are instantly backed up as well.  

3) File Server

  • We utilize only the latest hardware and software to manage our data.  Our data server is one of the best out on the market today, and will also protect your files from hard disk failure. We use a Redundant Array of Independent Disks (RAID) configuration, to help combat potential disk failure.  If ever one hard drive disk fails, your precious photos aren't lost.  All we have to do is install a new hard drive and the data automatically gets re-built onto the new hard drive.  It's just another way we protect your memories.

4) Off-Site Backups

  • We constantly have all of our files uploaded to a secure storage array off-site.  This includes all the RAW files, Hi-Res JPEG's and edited videos.  We believe we can't take any chances with protecting your investment, and this is why we have off-site backups of your memories constantly.

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