What are digital negatives?

Digital negatives are minimally processed RAW files from the camera.  The processing includes, checking white balance, correcting for under/over exposed images, correct color aberrations and check uniformity with the image and reduce any visible noise possibly because of higher ISO settings.  Additional Photoshop alterations are not included in the processing of the RAW images.  This includes, black and whites, removal of parts of an image, or special effects. Those processes are done for a nominal fee. Smaller sized JPEG's are exported onto a USB drive for your files. To request full resolution images, please contact us for a private ZIP link download(s).

How many images do I receive after you shoot my wedding?

Typically, we deliver all the images we take.  Unlike other firms, we believe that you own all the images that we take.  Before delivering those images, we do minor processing of all the images, remove the ones that are less ideal (blurry, miss focused, closed eyes, etc.) and then we deliver them to you into an online gallery. On a typical 6 hour day, we can capture approximately 800 - 1,000 photos.  Results may vary.

When do I receive my USB drive of digital negatives?

We will ship a USB drive out to you within 6-8 weeks. Peak season, you may see a delay.

How can I order prints?

Prints can be ordered directly online. We have teamed up with a special photo lab to deliver quality prints to you. Please like us on Facebook for coupons and deals on print orders.

Can I get the original RAW files?

No, Unfortunately, we like to control the quality of your photos. Without proper knowledge on how to open, edit and use RAW files, this can have a negative effect on the photos we take. Also, the files are very large, sometimes 60mbs in size. Due to the limitations for many to open and edit, we do not offer RAW files for sale to the general public.

How much is a 2nd photographer cost?

Please visit our a la carte section for pricing.

What is does the assistant do? Is he/she a photographer?

The assistant typically will not take any photos unless asked to by the primary photographer.  Duties of the assistant include, setup, tear down, assistant in lighting, modeling assistance, and prep.

How far do you travel far for weddings/events?

Our team is willing to travel anywhere in the world, but we only travel up to 40 miles from our main location without extra fees.  Out of state wedding farther from a 40 mile radius will incur a travel fee.  Travel fees are based on the current government mileage rate, and hourly rate.  We will travel to any destination, but travel fees must be covered by client.  This includes, airfare, hotel and rental car if needed.

Who typically photographs the weddings?

Typically, Andrew is the main photographer for all weddings unless a wedding is already booked for your date.  If Andrew is already booked or unavailable, our team of associate photographers are ready to work hard. They have all been pre-screened and approved to work under MTI Photography. 

Do you offer payment plans or financing?

We do offer payment plans.  Typically we will divide your current balance between 6 - 12 months, depending on your contract and how far away your wedding date is.  Booking early can help reduce the cost each month.  We can also split your payments up into quarterly payments.  We also offer the industry standard of 50% two months after signing, and the remaining 50% paid 6 weeks prior to your wedding date. Late fees are applicable with payment plans, usually are $30 per incident.

How long is a wedding DVD typically?

We capture, the full ceremony, and highlights from the reception.  Depending on your package, we may even be able to capture pre-ceremony shots as well. Depending on the length of your ceremony, DVD's can be approximately 60 - 90 minutes in length.

How much does an extra hour or two of photography cost?

Hourly rate for one additional hour is $150. For a full break down, please see our a la carte pricing page. All prices are subject to tax.

Am I required to sign a model release?

No, you are never required to sign this, but we do kindly ask you do.  We would love to show future clients our work and without a model release form, we legally are restricted from doing so. 

How many years have you've been doing photography?

Andrew has been a photographer since a very young age.  In 2006 he shot his first wedding and video work. As years passed he continued to improve his craft and continues to this day to learn new techniques to apply to future jobs.

Does my gallery ever expire?

No, we will always keep your gallery up.  If the link that we originally provided doesn't work, please contact us for a new link.

Are the wedding photos you take backed up?

Yes, we take our data very seriously here at MTI Photography.  We have a Network Attached Storage server which is set up with redundancy.  If a hard drive was to fail, we can quickly replace it and all data will be recovered.  We also use the cloud to back up all high resolution JPEGs and mail a USB drive of all images to you.

I referred you to someone, do I get an incentive?

If they mention your name, and provide details to follow up with you, You will receive a gift card or a cash incentive for the referral. For more information visit - mtiphotography.com/referrals/ 

Can I choose what photos go into the flush mount albums?

Yes, we can layout the flush mount album for you, or you can decide on what photos you want.  We will suggest a certain quantity for your album so the layout will look good. All of these decisions can be made over the phone, email or in person.

Do you have a studio where we can meet and see samples of your work?

We recently renovated office space at my home, and clients are more than welcome to setup meetings with Andrew here. We also meet with many clients at local coffee shops and areas that are easy for them to get too, we will also come to your home as well. Although we do not own a public office space, this helps keep operating costs to a minimum.

What do you use to edit your files in?

We use Adobe Lightroom to catalog and edit all of our photos we take.  We have a systematic approach to process images after an event. Additional editing for special effects are done in Adobe Photoshop.

Why can't you use music artists on my wedding DVD?  

Because MTI Photography is selling Videography Service, we cannot publish or sell anything containing copyrighted material such as music tracks. We do have ways of paying or licensing music for this purpose, but it generally will add cost to the end user.  We use only royalty free music that we currently own in our wedding DVD's.  During the reception, we will include the dance songs in the video as this falls under the accidental capture clause in the music industry. 

My venue has a requirement for insurance, does your company have that?

Yes, we are insured. We have a certificate of liability insurance on file. We ask that you request a copy if you need one.  Our coverage is $1,000,000 for each occurrence.

What happens if your equipment fails during our wedding, are we not getting photos anymore?

No, in the very rare instance that my equipment fails, Andrew has a back up camera body available.  Batteries, memory cards and other accessories are always ready to be replaced at a moments notice.  We also have multiple lenses just in case one fails.

Can I separate the time I booked for you across my wedding day?

No, all hours are continuous coverage. Before booking any package, Andrew will discuss the timeline and see how much time you may need. 

I lost my (digital negatives) USB drive, can I order another one?

Yes, you can purchase a USB drive for $150, or get a personalized one for $175, plus tax.

How long will my video and/or photo gallery stay online for?

All galleries will remain online forever, until further notice.

Below are just some questions couples have asked in the past, if you can't find your answer here, please contact us at service@mtiphotographyllc.com.