Discover the difference for your next special occasion, our team is ready work hard for you. Trust MTI Photography for your next special occasion, be it a wedding, birthday, family reunion, holiday party, or corporate event, we communicate throughout the entire process. 

My name is Andrew, owner of MTI Photography, and I have personally hand-selected only the finest professionals with the same passion and desire as myself.  All of us uphold standards of the highest quality, and we believe you won't find a better team to help document your next special event.

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Founder & President



Andrew was born in Nagoya Japan and raised in New Jersey. He developed an interest in music and art, and still plays both piano and trombone in his spare time.

His passion for photography started as a young child.  At family functions, Andrew could be seen with a camera most of the time, capturing the moment and understanding which moments were important. His love for photography continued to grow as his technical ability improved. As technology changed, he continued to stay a few steps ahead, learning new techniques and current trends.  Andrew studied Graphic Art Design in college along with self-taught web development.  He is continually devoted to Making Timeless Images with everyone that he meets and works with.




Erin believes that a photograph captures a moment in time - a moment you want to remember, and she ensures you get all the shots that you want!  Her artistic, yet down to earth, approach yields photographs that you will cherish forever.  She provides direction, but never sacrifices authenticity by forcing poses.  Erin was drawn to photography at a young age and pursued the arts in college. She continues to pursue that passion. Her greatest joy is developing photographs that evoke the emotions and personalities of her subjects.


Mackenzie started her business in 2013 and primarily shoots families, weddings, and events. She minored in Art with a concentration in Photography at the University of Miami (go Canes!), primarily investigating medium format film portraiture. Mackenzie also completed two years of graduate design school before obtaining her Masters degree from SUNY ESF. Her shooting style is fun, upbeat, romantic, and full of emotion. She aims to get a combination of the smiley, formal portraits and those incredible moments in between that illustrate the relationships between you and your loved ones. Her main goal is to exceed your expectations for your photographs and to capture what is most important to you.

Mackenzie pretty much ALWAYS has a huge smile on her face when taking photographs - it's what she loves to do, and she loves making sure that you have a great time, as well. When not taking pictures, Mackenzie enjoys running, hiking, and spending time with her two other halves - her wonderfully supportive husband and their sweet baby girl.


A South Jersey native her entire life, Bonnie grew up in Cinnaminson, NJ. In addition to wedding and lifestyle photography, she is also a middle school Special Education Teacher and Teacher of the Deaf. In her free time, she enjoys reading, eating French fries, and raising her three children.

Bonnie feels that a wedding photographer should not only be someone with competency and superior talent, but someone technically capable of capturing your day in a non-invasive and reliable manner. Bonnie also believes that the person you choose to document your special day should be someone that you can call a friend. Because of that, you will not see her coldly snapping away, devoid of emotion. You will notice her cry when the bride’s father sees his baby girl for the first time, or maybe you’ll see her grinning when the couple is announced as bride and groom, or dancing the Apache alongside you while you celebrate your joy. Bonnie will not photograph your wedding as she sees it, but as you and your family remember it. The moments you cherished, the ones you missed, the details exactly as you envisioned them. She wants you to always cherish your wedding pictures and hopes your experience with her will leave you with a smile and a laugh.


Cary is a driven, creative, caring social butterfly. From an early age, Cary was inspired by his grandmother and mother in the arts, which has resulted in a fun and memorable experience behind the lens. Graduating from the Art Institute of Philadelphia with a degree in photography helped pave the way to becoming a deeper thinking artist with the ability to capture the personality and atmosphere of any situation. The energy and excitement of weddings fuel Cary's creative juices and keep the day fun. In his personal time, Cary loves to hike and connect with nature, as well as attend local automotive car shows.



Cassie is a proud Veteran and now a full-time mom, student, and photographer. Her journey in photography really took off in 2011, when she attended her first portraiture workshop in Guam. From that moment, she knew photography was something she wanted to do more of. She continues to learn on a daily basis and is constantly feeding her need to grow as a photographer. Most of her work started off with newborns and families. Which grew grew to include children portraits and weddings. She is most happy when she is telling a clients story through her photos.



Cecilia’s love for photography started when she bought her very first film camera in the summer of 2002 and haven’t stopped shooting since. Her passion continued on working at portraits studios which helped her realize her love for photographing family portraits. Over the years, she has gained much knowledge and experience shooting weddings, family portraits and engagement sessions. She’s at her best behind her camera and there is nothing she enjoys more than telling your story thru the images she create.



Inna is a passionate photographer with a great eye for details, raw emotions, and feelings. She captures your story in the most tasteful and artistic way exactly as it unfolds.

On top of other skills and talents, she is also a musician, a linguist, and a hospitality management graduate. Self- education, personal growth, incredible drive for new adventures and skills is what makes her special. One of Inna's favorite quotes is by Ansel Adams: A true photograph need not be explained, nor can it be contained in words. 

She followed her dream, crossed continents and oceans and found herself in photography to be able to change people's lives everyday and gift them memories they will cherish for years to come. She loves traveling, learning languages, cooking delicious food, eating delicious food, reading interesting books and enjoys nature in all forms.


Jaclyn, born in Philly, and spending her high school years in South Jersey. Her eyes were opened to photography by one of her teachers during a summer art program and she never looked back.

Though "film may be dead", she was fortunate enough to be a part of the youth that learned what went into traditional (photography). Jaclyn was among the first year of students at Antonelli Institute to be introduced to the digital world we now know and use. After graduating in 2005, she has been teaching herself the new technology while working the "9-5" job, with her photography business on the side.

Since having a daughter in April 2015 and becoming a stay-at-home mom, Jaclyn has been able to give her business and photography a lot more attention. She now handles our southern areas, including Myrtle Beach, South Carolina.


Cinematographers and Videographers

Cinematographer and Commercial Videographer

Cinematographer and Commercial Videographer


Matt discovered his passion for video in 2001, when he began studying video production and editing. Since then, he has spent a number of years gaining experience in both audio and video technique and philosophy. Matt realizes that some of the most incredible moments that people share come and go in the blink of an eye. His belief is that capturing those special moments can translate into memories to be relived and cherished for a lifetime. Matt's approach to video lends itself to creative and unique results. Among many other accomplishments, Matt is a seasoned video professional with impressive experience in wedding videography and video marketing for businesses. Video recording and editing is truly an art form, and Matt is committed to continually learning new ways to transform the ordinary into extraordinary works of art.




Ted is a positive cheerful person who loves everyone. He runs a successful wedding business that focuses on story telling. Although he has been photographing weddings for years, he also is passionate about filming them. Whether Ted is using dramatic lighting, or simple romantic moments, he films to evoke strong emotions from the viewer. He cares so much about his couples that not only will you get amazing imagery from your wedding, but he will create a very easy, and stress free experience for you too. When he isn't behind the camera, he enjoys the outdoors with his family.

Videographer and IT Director

Videographer and IT Director


Paul brings a wealth of knowledge in technology to MTI Photography.  He has many talents which, combined, create wonderful, timeless images and video for many couples.  He brings a creative, multi-faceted approach to wedding videography and photography, and his ability to trouble-shoot conditions and quickly find solutions is truly a valuable asset. Aside from video and photos, Paul can assist in other fields like IT business solutions, network administration, A/V configurations, computer hardware and software installation, and repairs.




Kaytalin has worked in the creative field for over eight years. She attended the University of South Alabama with a major in Graphic Design and an Interdisciplinary Minor in photography and sculpture. She commands a wide range of disciplines, including film and digital photography, video, graphic design, web design/development, and illustration.

Nurturing a desire to help people, Kaytalin believes that all projects turn out for the better when working closely with the client to ensure that their needs are met and their creative ideas are brought to life. Her unfailing patience and understanding lend themselves to an unquestionable work ethic, making Kaytalin a joy to work with.




Kristen’s love of art started at a very young age, from drawing on the living room walls of her parents house with crayon to the many art classes she took in high school.  After starting out with pencil and charcoal drawings, she moved into black and white photography.  Kristen took a short break from art while in college to pursue a degree in Early Childhood Education.  With summers off, Kristen now has the time to return to her love of art and photography.  She is looking forward to learning more about photography and expanding her skills.


Photo Booth Specialist & Assistants



Caroline recently graduated from the Art Institute of Philadelphia with a degree in Visual Effects and Motion Graphics.  She was born and raised in a small town, but moved to the city in order to further her career and education.  She is passionate about producing high-quality motion graphics with clean composition.  Caroline was recently introduced to editing, as it goes hand-in-hand with her original major.  Constantly learning, following new trends, and seeking out inspiration, Caroline's goal is to produce the best product possible and make a name for herself in the Philadelphia region.  Her goal with wedding video editing is to create an experience that evokes the memories and emotions from that one special day.  In the future, she would love to expand her knowledge further by traveling to well-known companies around the world in order to absorb their knowledge about the film, television, and motion graphics industries. 



Ian has lived near the Shore in NJ all his life. He found his passion of technology, graphic design and photography around the age of 14. He has been intrigued by many areas of each, but he enjoys capturing special moments in his friends and family life.

He enjoys being behind the camera, instead of in front of it, and takes pride in his work. He has a love of art, music and other things that stir the creative process in his mind. He has a knack for creating, it is just in him. He has a knack for making friends with all those around him, whether it is making them laugh or just being able to connect with them through some common interest – that’s what makes him good at what he does… Not just talent, but connection. He cares about making sure people are comfortable and happy while he does what he does.



Jasper was born in Philadelphia but was raised in Southern New Jersey.  His interests for the fine arts manifested during his childhood when he learned to play the trumpet and the trombone. Seeking other avenues to express himself during his high school and college years, he pursued his interests by learning about art history and being privately tutored in pencil sketching and Chinese calligraphy.

After graduating college, Jasper has been searching for a way to further his knowledge and is certain that the numerous opportunities provided by MTI will develop him into a valuable asset.